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Our group is interested in understanding the molecular control of actin driven processes. How does the actin cytoskeleton control changes in cell shape and cell motility in a living organism? We use Drosophila as a model system that allows combining genetics, live-imaging analyses with cell biological and biochemical approaches to identify and characterize regulatory components and signals controlling actin dynamics during development.


Planar-polarized cell migration of follicle epithelial cells during oogenesis

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4D live imaging of an ovariole expressing Lifeact-GFP in follicle epithelial cells with 70 µm maximal projection. In stage 6 and 7 follicle epithelia cells are rotating perpendicular to the A-P axis as previously reported by Haigo and Bilder (Science, 2011). Note also stage 9 follicles do not rotate but border cells started to migrate. Movie length is about 4 hours with 2-min time points.