Michael Way, London:
Function of Ena /Abi interaction in regulating actin dynamics

Michael K. Rosen, Dallas:
Regulation of the WAVE complex driven actin dynamics

Britta Qualmann & Michael Kessels, Jena:
Role of F-BAR proteins in membrane dynamics

Jan Faix, Hannover:
Actin dynamics driven by a new WH2 protein

Susanne Önel, Marburg:
Functions of WASP/WAVE proteins in muscle development

Jörg Grosshans, Göttingen:         
Function of Cip4 during Drosophila cellularization

Gaia Tavosanis, Bonn:      
Actin dynamics during axonal differentiation

Dietmar Schmucker, Leuven:      
WRC function in dendrite differentiation